Affairs – The Google Difference

Affairs – The Google Difference

google-affairsAnother celebrity affair that involves a big business hits the news. Billionaire Google co-founder Sergey Brin is having an affair with an attractive Google subordinate.  It’s a story straight from The Affair Playbook.  But there are a couple of differences in their story.

The differences are not because of Sergey’s extreme billions but because of what his invention, Google, has wrought upon secrecy.

I notice in the media reports that there is far less attempt to ‘prove’ that this was not an affair.

The usual spin to ‘prove’ it was not an affair is: The marriage was already broken and had been broken for quite a while. Sergey and his wife had between themselves agreed to split but they were just waiting for the children to finish middle school.  They both acknowledged there was nothing left to the marriage.  And then all of a sudden Sergey realized that one of his work colleagues was his soulmate.  And true love took its course.  This was not something he or his new love ever intended.  It was just meant to be.

That’s the usual story.

What’s different is that Sergey and his new love, Amanda, apparently decided not to even try to put out this story. Thanks to Google and easier research it is much harder to put out lies and have them accepted.

I would guess that Sergey and Amanda recognized that the outside world is going to know this relationship started as an affair and there is little they can do to change the story. Proof that there was quick outside recognition that this was an affair and not a heaven-sent romantic meeting of two people are the harsh, critical words being used to describe Amanda very soon after the affair has became public:  She destroyed a marriage.  No morality.  Hussy.  She slept with a married man.  Conniving. Didn’t she think of his two children?

Usually we hear: They were soulmates who were always meant to be with each other.  Look at how he loves her and she loves him. The marriage was already broken. She didn’t break anything up.

Google brought them together and Google’s inventions are shaping the stories they can get away with.

In spite of these differences, most of Sergey and Amanda’s story is straight out of the Playbook.

They met at work.  They were working together intensely on a new, exciting, potentially wildly successful project.  They had occasion to travel together for the company and had available very believable, admirable reasons why they had to be alone together away from distractions and able to concentrate on important work.  She was undoubtedly attracted to his wealth and power.  He was attracted to her because she was new, forbidden and sexy.

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