Brin’s State of Mind Affects Google’s State of Affairs

Brin’s State of Mind Affects Google’s State of Affairs

google-affairs-part2As Google’s Sergey Brin started along the path to an affair with Google employee Amanda Rosenberg he might have been in a state of dissatisfaction with his marriage.  Reports say his wife’s company, 23andMe, was having problems–two rounds of layoffs, and hemorrhaging  cash.  [Ryan Tate, Rumormonger, 11/09]  Sergey had personally invested money.  Google had too.  23andMe was also leasing office space from Google, possibly at a favorable rate.  The details of the lease were not made public.  Possibly when Sergey came home from work at night, Anne, his wife, told him about problems, failings, needs, losses. 

So in spite of his fabulous wealth and incredible success building Google from scratch, when he got home he was faced with failure and losses that would deflate his ego and possibly cause him embarrassment in front of Google’s employees, board and shareholders when he had to explain why Google was losing money and had no dramatic product from its investment in his wife’s company.

What a contrast with his time on the road with Amanda.  They could talk about Google Glass, so glamorous, with such fabulous financial success possibly ahead of it.  If Amanda had help or advice she wanted from Sergey she probably phrased her requests in a totally different way than his wife, Anne–‘You’re such a genius, Sergey, what do you think we should do about this question with Google Glass?  No one can come up with answers the way you can.’ If there had been outright failure with some aspect of Google Glass, Amanda probably wouldn’t have mentioned it.

In spite of this contrast between ego build-up and ego deflation, Brin has said that he and Anne are not legally separated and it has been reported that neither one has filed for divorce.

Having to recognize publicly much more quickly than in the typical Playbook affair that the relationship did start as an extramarital hook-up, could force them to face much more quickly the loss of excitement, of newness, of the thrill of the forbidden and thus of extraordinarily hot sex.

Doing a Google Glass presentation in front of, let’s say, 100 Hollywood stars, might not be so thrilling when everybody knows exactly where the presenters will be going afterwards and what they’ll be doing.  There’s none of the excitement of getting away with something and being super clever doing it.  Plus Sergey may be missing day to day interaction with his kids and Amanda may not like going from being treated like Sergey’s finest discovery to facing a barrage of criticism as a home wrecker and a man user.

So, again, Google’s discoveries are affecting the stories that surround an affair and are affecting how an affair might end.

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