Yes, there’s always someone else, always. Jeff Bezos got his announcement out early that there was someone else. Likely he put out the news early because he is so well known and recognizable that he had to make it public himself before some photographer or reporter caught a snapshot of him and his girlfriend and spread the news worldwide

That would be embarrassing. It could look like he was cheating on his wife.


It’s part of the script that there’s always someone else. That is ” The Script”: The 100% Absolutely Predictable Things Men Do When They Cheat”. It Is predictable. Men (and women too) don”t go to live alone.

It’s not clear from reports how long Bezos has been seeing his girlfriend. “The Script” would predict that it’s longer than has been made public.

When a girlfriend becomes public it’s not uncommon for people to remark on how much she resembles the man’s wife. Also not uncommon to find out that the two couples (in this case Jeff and his wife and his girlfriend and her husband) socialized together previous to the new relationship becoming public.

The loving caring announcement that Jeff and his wife put out announcing their divorce is also not uncommon. One might wonder if there’s so much loving and caring how come they couldn’t come together about whatever disagreements they had.

One answer is that excitement of the new, at first secret, relationship with limited time together, all ecstatic, overpowers any interest in making things work with the wife or husband.

Also Jeff and his wife’s announcement said that they are still a family. Yes, they are still a family. But a different kind of family, and their children are undoubtedly hurting.

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