“Star” Reports, Angie & Brad: Mr. and Mrs. Smith-The Sequel

“Star” Reports, Angie & Brad: Mr. and Mrs. Smith-The Sequel

People say, Don’t believe the tabloids.  But I say, Everything that Star magazine reported in the article about Angelina and Brad in the Dec. 16, 2013 issue rings absolutely true.

From the lead-up to the “mistake” Brad admits he made “with [a] sexy brunette” to the aftermath and Angie’s reaction, it all follows “The Affair Playbook” step by step.  Except for the good time Brad must have had with the brunette, it is a sad and hurtful scenario.

In spite of the fact that “Years ago, Brad and Angelina made a pact that they would work at separate times, so one of them would always be able to look after the children” a source told Star, they have both been working at the same time, or been far away from each other almost constantly for the past two years.

This is part of the Playbook.  During the affair and for a short time afterwards (usually about two years) each one is so enthralled with the other and so much wanting to keep the good times going that each will agree to things that they might not ordinarily agree to.

Both Angie and Brad love to make movies.  That is their work.  And now Angie is also trying her hand at a different part of the movie business–directing.  In the time of fantastical, high feelings they each agreed to something different–not working for periods during the year.  That’s not working.

While they both seem to genuinely love their children and love being a parent, Brad has gone back to the way he was with Jennifer.

Brad and Jen did not have children.  Brad blamed this on Jennifer.  She didn’t want to take any time from her career, he said, to have a baby and build a family.  Now Brad wants to be working, wants to take whatever great roles come his way, even if it means working half way around the globe from Angie and the kids.  He wants Angie to take on all the family responsibilities.  If Angie also wants to work and take on new challenges in the movie business and that leaves her stressed out, well that’s her problem and he’s nowhere around to help.

Brad is also working hard but when he takes a break he can choose some relaxing entertainment such as being surrounded by admiring, beautiful women and lots of drinks.  Per the Playbook, the perfect environment for the start of an affair.  Angie, by comparison, on her off time is taking care of the kids, enjoyable, but sometimes hard, work even with all the nannies they have.  Even though Angie is naturally gorgeous, constant work can leave even her looking tired and stressed.  Not so appealing.

Plus she has been seriously sick.  Also unappealing to a man.  Angie has a gene that may predict a greater chance of life-threatening cancer.  She had an operation but it is not a cure.  Being married to or in a committed relationship with a sick ‘flawed’ woman is another factor that can take a man more easily from sitting down at a table sharing drinks with a group of adoring, attractive women to a “mistake”.

Star reports that as Brad was sitting at the table drinking with a particular pretty brunette, they got “closer and closer”.  And soon “they were in their own little  world, touching affectionately and flirting non-stop.  It almost seemed like they were on a date…then they suddenly disappeared.”

In a few hours, they went from simply a smiling hello, to one of them, probably Brad, doing something deliberate to move the beginning relationship to a new level, to going off alone, to having sex.  These steps in the Playbook usually play out over a longer time frame but they are the same steps.

Angie, it is reported, has had the same fears as any other woman whose relationship starts with seeing a married man–Will he do it again?  He cheated on his wife when he started to see me.  Will he cheat on me?

Star quotes a source–“Angelina is insecure when it comes to Brad. She knows that he cheated on Jen with her, so what’s to stop him from cheating again?”

Star goes on to say that Angie knows she can’t monitor everyone Brad talks to when she’s across the world with their six children.  But like many wives or fiancees, one way or another she found out about Brad’s getting too close to another woman.  Angie called Brad and accused him of cheating.  And just like the Playbook would predict, he denied it.  After much arguing, Brad admitted he “made a mistake”.  Probably he ‘fessed up’ when he realized Angelina had pretty good proof.

Besides the hurt and stress this cheating has caused Angie, and Brad too, it has hurt their children.  Star quotes an insider, “The kids have been upset and asking for him.”  This is just as the Playbook says:  It does NOT go from–‘He cheated. No big deal. The husband and wife will get a divorce.  And he will marry the other woman and everyone will be fine.’  In Angie and Brad’s family the children have already experienced hurt and upset.

Now according to the usual pattern, Brad is blaming Angie for the distancing and bad feelings in the relationship:  Star quotes an insider, “Angelina’s tantrums have really pushed Brad away.  These days he doesn’t call her and talk to her nearly as much as he used to.”  Star quotes  a friend of Brad’s, “He’s been much happier since being separated from Angie while filming.  At this point their relationship is hanging by a thread.”

As in almost every affair that turns into a marriage or committed relationship, problems can start once real life–children, work stress, moving, less time for each other–is the daily experience as opposed to the fantasy life which is dominant during the affair and shortly thereafter.  Angie and Brad too.  All the money and looks and success in the world can’t change that.

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