The Affair Playbook: Sleeping with the Boss

Some companies, especially start-up tech companies, are renting houses with a lot of bedrooms and bathrooms where a group of employees live and work together.  The house is their home and their office.  They work, sleep, cook, eat, clean and socialize together 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  [As reported in the Wall Street Journal, Wednesday, July 31, 2013].

There’s a lot more temptation, a lot more opportunity, a lot more chance of a workplace affair if you live in that kind of arrangement.

Some of the houses include private “cloffices”–small closet-size offices allowing residents to brainstorm.

While, obviously, sleeping with the boss is not part of the plan, some of the companies have within the group home the CEO and lower level staffers.

When it’s so easy to move from the laptop to the mattresstop there is more than the usual opportunity for pressure from the higher level employee to the lower level employee to do this, with a subtle implication that this is the way to advance.

This live/work arrangement may not be that different from an oil rig, a Navy ship, a man and woman police officer in a patrol car patroling in a remote area, or a company meeting at an out-of-town hotel.  They’re all contained, isolated work sites where men and women are naturally together doing their jobs, but with easier opportunity for more than work.

Of the live together-work together employees in various companies who are mentioned in the article only two are married. To each other.  But how would the spouse of a married man or woman feel if she/he heard that the partner was going to live and work in a house with 8 single men and women.

Apparently none of the companies mentioned require that an employee live in a group house but there could be indirect pressure to do so.  The employee could think that this has been designated as the chosen way to develop a closer relationship with the founders and executives.  That this is the way to seem more cooperative, to be more of a team player.  “If I don’t do it I’ll be at a disadvantage.”

These arrangements are making it harder to affair-proof a marriage.

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