Yay, Nay, or Who’s to Say–French President Hollande Has an Affair

Yay, Nay, or Who’s to Say–French President Hollande Has an Affair

The French say, Leave him alone, it’s his personal business, it’s got nothing to do with running the country.  Plus men will be men, they’re going to have a mistress. And it doesn’t hurt anyone.

Americans say, Disgraceful, immoral, we want a family man for president, not some man who’ s hiding his face while he goes to a love nest to sleep with an actress.  He should use some self-control.  What about Thou shalt not commit adultery?

And others think, Who’s to Say.  Who am I to pass judgment on someone else’s behavior?  Who really know what’s right and wrong?  Maybe there’s no such thing as self-control when it’s been biologically controlled since Adam and Eve.  Maybe we should just live with this fact of life.  Or maybe we shouldn’t have to live with it.

One of the things we do know at this point is that apparently it did hurt someone because President Hollande’s long-time partner/sort of wife went into the hospital right after the story broke.  Now she’s out of the hospital but seemingly not too happy.

Why?  Because apparently Hollande has unchosen Valerie Trierweiler his above-mentioned long-time partner in favor of his medium-time mistress, actress Julie Gayet to be his companion/sort of First Lady as he continues with his term as president.

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